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Jim Ribau - About

Jim is unique in his approach to coaching because of the following…

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC:

Certified Professional Co-Active Coaching designation from one of the elite coaching schools in the world – The Coaches Training Institute in California, USA which follows the Co-Active Coaching Model.

Certified NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner:

Jim is very passionate and excited about using new state of the art NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming communication tools and skills acquired from the leading NLP training institute, NLP Centres Canada in 2013.  These NLP communication tools and skills have the ability to create change at the unconscious level quickly.

Process Driven:

Jim has a Chemical Engineering Degree from one of the best Engineering schools in Canada – McMaster University.  This engineering background makes him process driven and flexible in his approach to coaching which serves clients well on many levels.

Manufacturing Experience:

Over 15+ years of sales and service experience in the manufacturing industry working with, motivating, and inspiring all levels of employees from shop floor to business owners towards achieving common goals.


Jim has attended and been on crew at several Tony Robbins events and brings that learning to his coaching to impact quick meaningful changes in his clients.

Jim has enjoyed personal development for over 15 years through reading, audio books, and experiential learning courses and loves sharing his learning with others.

You will benefit from Jim’s ability to take you through processes that are proven effective at assisting countless people get what they want in life.

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