Creating your desired life Vision is about creating an image, a thought, an ideal of what you want your life to look, sound, and feel like on a consistent basis.

Your desired life Vision becomes a foundation that represents all that you want to be, do, and achieve.

To establish your desired life Vision:

  1. We first evaluate where you currently are in each area of your life using the Wheel of Life Exercise.

  2. Next step in creating your desired Life Vision is to evaluate what values are most important to you and that you truly want your life to be based on going forward.

  3. Third, we combine the two and create your desired Life Vision statement that you take ownership for and becomes a basis for your future.

Once formed, your desired Life Vision serves as a constant reminder of what you truly want your life to look, sound, and feel like.

With your desired Life Vision in hand, we continue on to the next step, Intentions!


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