“One of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself!”

Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonials - Tizi P

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” Firm when you needed to be and my greatest supporter, your guidance has helped me to find the strength and courage to make significant lifestyle changes.

This is the beginning of my journey, and I thank you for helping me create the solid groundwork for continuous growth. 

Keep living your greatness!”

Tiziana P

Follow-up email about 12 months later: 

“Happy Canada Day Jim! 

Hope you are doing well and keeping healthy and happy! 

A few months ago, I mentioned to you that I was looking into network marketing to bring in some extra income and help me with some of my own personal goals.  

The decision has proven to be very fruitful in many ways!  I’m getting out there, meeting new people, forcing myself out of my comfort zone, making some extra cash and keeping it an enjoyable family affair the entire time (yes, my daughter is a part of my “plug” and is earning her way to Disney World through me!).  It has been amazing for all of these reasons and more. 

I wanted to send you this email because there have been many instances these past several months, and certainly the weeks leading up to this where your insight and support as a coach still sticks and continues to inspire me.  

You embarked on your own journey to transform lives and this is just me telling you that you have been a part of at least one transformation!  

Just another note to say Thank You!  

Keep inspiring, keep motivating and keep coaching, because anyone and everyone should be touched by someone who can support them to lead happier and healthier lives!  

Take care!”

Tiziana P

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