“Masterful approach!”

Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonials - Sue Coleman

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“THANK YOU Jim Ribau for an amazing coaching session.  

I was feeling quite nervous at the beginning of our session however, you made me feel safe and that meant I could relax and enjoy the session.  

You have a masterful approach in bringing out what needs to be dealt with.  

The NLP process you did with me has had great results.  I felt the difference immediately and I know that it is having an impact on my business and my life in general. 

I’m using the ‘4 Pillars’ to bring intentionality to everything I do whether it be a conversation or just getting ‘stuff’ done.  

If you or someone you know is looking for a coach I strongly recommend you give Jim a call.

Thanks again Jim!”

Sue Coleman

Senior Director, Independent Brand Partner Nerium International

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