“Thank you Jim for opening my eyes!”

Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonials - Jonni Shreve

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“I’ve been on a mission to refine the way I think and look out on life. 

I needed a total switch in the way I think and speak about not only my journey on this earth, but life in general. 

I have been extremely blessed to work with Jim Ribau. 

If you haven’t heard of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, I strongly suggest you contact Jim. I only did 2 sessions with him and since then, I have been totally conscious of reframing my beliefs and thoughts in a way that they have become empowering instead of limiting, knowing my value, and OWNING IT!

Too often we get stuck in a one-track negative mindset that limits us from ever reaching our full potential. I control my over come of life, I control how I look at life and speak about it. 

It is in my best interest to see the world in a positive way and living daily in it! 


Thank you, Jim, for opening my eyes and giving me the tools to dominate my life on the daily!!!”

Jonni Shreve

IBBF Pro Bodybuilding Athlete
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

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