“A HUGE thank you to Jim!”

“This testimonial is a huge thank you to Jim Ribau who helped me lose 30 pounds and lower my cholesterol from 5.2 to 2.8 without drugs in 4 months, changed my eating and drinking habits and awareness, and developed a resistance training program that worked for me. 

My story: I am an alpha male high achiever with many accomplishments at a relatively young age: Chemical Engineering graduate, first job included a company car, purchased my first house at age 26, Sales Manager at age 28, and Vice President at age 35. 

Then, quite unexpectedly, the all too common work and life related stresses led to a heart attack at age 45! I was in my mid forties and I suddenly realized I was no longer invincible, and more importantly, if I didn’t change my lifestyle quickly, I could easily widow my wife and children.

After my heart attack, I had several tests done which confirmed what I already knew – I was fat – body fat was greater than 30%, I was out of shape, my diet consisted of fast foods high in saturated fat and sugar, and I drank too much beer. There was also something I didn’t know – I had high cholesterol for a 45 year old male. 

I knew Jim’s background as a bodybuilding competitor and have seen him transform his body time and time again. I decided to ask him for some guidance.

Jim began with my diet. I knew virtually nothing about nutrition or dieting and how it was related to cholesterol. I was not oblivious about it, but I thought cholesterol was something old fat bald guys worried about, not me. 

My doctors wanted to put me on cholesterol lowering drugs, but Jim suggested that I try his diet for four months, and if it didn’t work, then I had Plan B to fall back on – drugs! 

Next, Jim put together a resistance training program that worked for me. After 4 months of proper nutrition and training and reducing my beer consumption to one day a week, I lost 30 pounds of fat and lowered my cholesterol by more than one full point – from 5.2 to 4.1! My doctor was stunned. 

I realized this wasn’t a temporary fix, this was/is a life style. In order to be healthy, I must always be conscious of my nutrition and exercise. After one year, I kept the fat off, added 5 pounds of muscle thanks to Jim’s resistance training program, and further lowered my cholesterol to less than 3!

I am now 47, happy and fit with a body fat content of 15%, and with all that extra testosterone flowing through my body, a more active libido! My wife couldn’t happier. 

I owe it all to Jim’s excellent advice, his nutrition and training program, and especially, his motivating coaching style. I could not have done this without him. 

I recommend anyone who really wants to make changes to speak with Jim.”

Ian M

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