"I cannot believe how much coaching has helped me!"

I feel SOOOO much better than I did when we started four months ago.  I feel more in control, more satisfied with choices I have made, and most importantly, I feel like I have more ownership over things rather than feeling like things are just happening to me.

Now, I look for solutions that are within reach given the choices that I am making and what’s important to me.  It’s very empowering and energizing for me to look at situations from different perspectives.

Another result of coaching with Jim has been me taking ownership over my diabetes.  Jim and I talked about this and I decided to take steps towards living a healthier lifestyle and controlling my diabetes.

Finally, I would say that the best thing about the coaching with Jim is that he has helped me get back to the person that I used to be!  Vibrant, energetic, industrious, and most of all, more satisfied that I am making choices and living my life in a way that is consistent with my values.  And that has really helped me to feel in control and empowered.

I highly recommend Jim as your coach.  He is a terrific coach and a terrific person who truly cares about his clients.

Washington DC


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