“Since a young age, I have had a fear of public speaking.

I would do anything possible to avoid the pain of having to stand up and speak in front of others.

In times where it couldn’t be avoided, I would experience extreme anxiety for days before…”

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Lisa Cleghorn

“The morning I was to speak with Jim, I was going to cancel.  I don’t know why I just didn’t feel it would be worth my two hours.

I decided to do the call more out of obligation and I am so happy I did….”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - Melissa HaddadMelissa Haddad

“THANK YOU Jim Ribau for an amazing coaching session.

I was feeling quite nervous at the beginning of our session however, you made me feel safe and that meant I could relax and enjoy the session.

You have a masterful approach in bringing out what needs to be dealt with…”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - Sue ColemanSue Coleman

“I like to refer to Jim’s coaching of as a “bag of magical tools” because that is precisely what I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

In seemingly easy and effortless processes, Jim manages to facilitate amazing transformation and lasting change that does indeed feel like magic at times…”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - Giovanna CapozzaGiovanna Capozza

“I’ve been on a mission to refine the way I think and look out on life.

I needed a total switch in the way I think and speak about not only my journey on this earth, but life in general.

I have been extremely blessed to work with Jim Ribau…”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - Jonni ShreveJonni Shreve, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

“Jim is a very powerful coach.

In just one session with him, I experienced profound shifts on multiple levels, the results of which were evident almost immediately in my life that very same afternoon…”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - Josephine AucielloJosephine Auciello

“I went into my coaching session expecting it to be kind of motvational, for him to provide some guidance so I could get ahead in my career.

What I found though was that this session was all about me, and that scared me to death because I hate talking about myself…”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - Karolina BorycaKarolina Boryca

“For the longest time I would suffer from pain when I worked on my feet for numerous hours or if I ran around playing soccer, football, street hockey etc.  So I avoided doing any physical activity because of the pain.  I even found a desk job to avoid being on my feet.”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - David DDavid D

“This testimonial is a huge thank you to Jim Ribau who helped me lose 30 pounds and lower my cholesterol from 5.2 to 2.8 without drugs in 4 months, changed my eating and drinking habits and awareness, and developed a resistance training program that worked for me…”

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Ian M, VP Sales

Firm when you needed to be and my greatest supporter, your guidance has helped me to find the strength and courage to make significant lifestyle changes.

This is the beginning of my journey, and I thank you for helping me create the solid groundwork for continuous growth. 

Keep living your greatness…”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - Tizi PTiziana P, Social Worker

“I feel SOOOO much better than I did when we started four months ago.  I feel more in control, more satisfied with choices I have made, and most importantly, I feel like I have more ownership over things rather than feeling like things are just happening to me.

Now, I look for solutions that are within reach given the choices that I am making and what’s important to me.  It’s very empowering and energizing for me to look at situations from different perspectives…”

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Lycia C, Attorney

“Jim has coached me for over a year.

I have grown to greater heights of self awareness in all avenues of my life and developed deeper relationships with people around me.

Jim is both firm and gentle, and quick to call out my “saboteur” without hesitation…”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - Darren SDarren S, CEO

“Jim has been a key participant in developing one of McMaster University’s Engineering SELECT Leadership Program Workshops on Values and Goal Setting from the 2011-2012 pilot year of the program until 2014…”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - McMaster University SELECT Enigneering Leadership ProgramMcMaster University SELECT Engineering Leadership Program

“Jim Ribau got the crowd ready for an amazing two days at the 2nd Annual Discover Your Personal Brand Conference held by Bobby Umar with his warm, energetic, and powerful state building opening ice breakers! …”

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Jim Ribau - Coaching Testimonial - Discover Your Personal Brand Conference Bobby Umar2014 Discover Your Personal Brand Conference Bobby Umar

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