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What is an NLP Practitioner?

An NLP Practitioner is trained in using effective NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming tools and skills of communicating with people to affect positive transformative change.  Change needs to occur at the conscious and unconscious levels of our minds.

For example, someone can tell themselves – consciously – they want to lose weight for instance.  However, not until they make changes at the unconscious level of their minds – where all change must occur first, will they actually take steps to lose weight.

What Does An NLP Practitioner Do For You?

At its essence, an NLP Practitioner has the tools and skills to assist you to move past your limiting beliefs, behaviors, and emotions in order to move forward with new empowering beliefs, behaviors, and emotions to evoke positive transformations, for the most part, quickly.

What Training Does An NLP Practitioner Receive?

An NLP Practitioner gets trained in the science of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Are All NLP Practitioner Training Schools The Same?


There are many NLP Practitioner schools across North America, ranging from single day online courses, to 6 in-class days plus additional hours of online self study courses, to more thorough 20 day in-class courses spread out over three to four months.

In my humble opinion, the longer time frame course allows the NLP Practitioner to learn, apply, and integrate NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming material more thoroughly to affect change.

It is also important that an NLP Practitioner get training from a reputable, recognized, skillful, instructor and mentor in the science of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The better and more qualified the instructor and their recognition in the NLP industry, the better the NLP Practitioner skill set should be.

I was trained by the leading NLP Practitioner Certification school in Canada, NLP Centre’s Canada, led by Hugh Comerford.  Mr. Comerford was trained by Robert Diltz and Judy Delozier, two prominent figures in the development of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming over the past 30 years.

What Are Some Common NLP Practitioner Coaching Examples People Hire An NLP Practitioner To Focus On?

People use an NLP Practitioner for coaching in all areas of their lives. Click here to see Common NLP Practitioner Coaching Examples.

How Would An NLP Practitioner Coaching Package Be Structured?

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