NLP Practitioner Coaching Examples

What are some common NLP Practitioner Coaching Examples people hire an NLP Practitioner to assist them with?

People use an NLP Practitioner for coaching in all areas of their lives. Here are some examples:

Area of Life Common NLP Practitioner Coaching Examples
Health/Vitality You want to change your limiting beliefs, behaviors, and emotions about your health.

Example, you say to yourself things like “I’m too old to change; I don’t know what to do to eat healthy or lose weight”

Love/Romance You want to improve your communication skills with your lover / spouse.

Example, you think things like “He/she doesn’t understand me, I feel I’m not being heard”

Time You want to learn to manage your time more effectively.

Example, you think things like “I don’t have time for myself; I always feel rushed”

Career/Passion You want to identify and move towards a more fulfilling career / passion.

Example, you think things like “I’m not sure if I should change careers or not; I hate my job; I’m stuck in what I do for a living; I wish I could change what I do for a living”

Finances/Wealth You want to change your limiting beliefs, behaviors, and emotions around your finances and spending habits.

Example, you think things like “I don’t have money to do what I want; Money is only for the lucky ones; I can’t afford it”

Family You want to create more connection with your family members.

Example, you think things like “He/she doesn’t understand me, I feel I’m not being heard; I don’t have time to spend with family”

Friends You want to develop more or deeper friendships.

Example, you think things like “I’m afraid of meeting new people; what if I’m rejected by others; I don’t know how to communicate”

Environment You might want to create a living environment they love.

Example, you think things like “My place doesn’t feel like home; my home environment doesn’t look or feel right”

Personal Growth You want to become more consciously aware of how they make choices and be able to change limiting beliefs.

For example, you think things like “I don’t have the skills to do “whatever”; I wish I could do something different”

Spirituality You want to create a deeper connection with themselves, a higher power, and others.

For example, you think things like “Why do I act the way I do?  What is my purpose or what is my vision for my life?”

Other Goal setting and achievement.

Getting out of unresourceful stuck feelings or situations, like anxiety.

Getting rid of past disempowering states, feelings, or situations.

Changing unresourceful behaviors.

Adding resourceful states of mind to situations or feelings in your life.

Resolving conflicts with yourself or with others.

Increasing self belief and self confidence around new skills.

Getting rid of phobias.

Re-imprinting – changing negative associations with past experiences in order to move forward.

Resolving internal conflicts that you have with yourself, for instance, you might say things to yourself like “part of me thinks I should do ‘this’, part of me thinks I should do ‘that’, and I am stuck on what I should do.”

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