Health Coaching Examples

What are some common Health Coaching Examples people hire a health coach to assist them with?

People use a Health Coach in all areas of their lives. Here are some examples:

Area of Life Common Health Coaching Examples
Health/Vitality You want to live a healthier life through lifestyle changes and have more energy
Love/Romance You want to be more attractive for you and your lover/wife/husband/partner in crime :)
Time You want to learn to manage your time more effectively to focus on your health
Career/Passion You want to be more confident in the clothes you wear in your work environment
Finances/Wealth You want to better manage finances and spending through healthy eating habits
Family You want to set great healthy lifestyle habits for your family members
Friends You want to do more active activities with your freinds and build deeper friendships
Environment You want to create a healthy living environment
Personal Growth You want to become more consciously aware of how you make choices and be able to change limiting beliefs
Spirituality You want to create a deeper connection with yourself, a higher power, and others
Other Health goal setting and achievement

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