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Why am I providing You with a Co-Active Coaching Session?

Personal growth is a passion of mine. Over the past 20 years, I’ve read dozens of books and listened to hundreds of hours of audio CD’s on personal growth.

What I found in learning personal growth material is that when I’ve shared what I’ve learned with others, a passion for making a difference in others ignites in me and excites me. 

What do You get from your Co-Active Coaching Session?

A Co-Active Coaching Session allows you to explore a way of communication with me that you may not experience with your family, your friends, or even your work colleagues.

A Co-Active Coaching Session is my way of connecting with people that are serious about wanting to make meaningful shifts in their lives. Are you serious?

What is my intention for you in your Co-Active Coaching Session?

We all have challenges in our lives. In your Co-Active Coaching Session, I am not going to solve your challenge(s), however, my intention is that you gain some additional insight, perspective, or resourcefulness for addressing your challenge(s).

Just as your time is very valuable to you, my time is very valuable to me. I only offer 5 Co-Active Coaching Session’s per month. The rest of my time is spent catering to clients that have committed to making meaningful shifts in their lives.

If you are seriously considering hiring a Co-Active Life Coach to work with and want to have a Co-Active Coaching Session with me, please fill in the above form and we will arrange a time for you to experience your Co-Active Coaching Session as soon as possible.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Live with Passion,