Jim Ribau - Co-Active Coaching and NLP Practitioner

Powerful Coaching for High Impact, Success Driven, and Fun Focused Leaders

About You

Have High Impact

  • You love to positively impact people
  • You love to see things better than they are
  • You are driven to continuously up your performance

Are Success Driven

  • You are successful at what you do
  • You enjoy the process of going after the things that are meaningful to you
  • You love to take action towards your goals

Are Fun Focused

  • You love doing fun things for yourself that puts a smile on your face
  • You love being and having fun with family
  • You love being and having fun with friends

And yet, at the end of the day, there is something that you are missing in your life that you can’t quite get in tune with to take your life to the next level.

Who Is Jim Ribau?

I’m glad you asked :) 

Jim Ribau - Co-Active Coaching & NLP Practitioner

I love empowering you to living life on your terms.

To help you transform key areas of your life, I draw on my personal experiences of engineering, career changes, healthy living, competitive amateur bodybuilding, my results focused, process driven mindset, and combine all that with Professional Certifications in Co-Active Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP.

At the end of the day, I want to feel that our work together has a positive impact on you, on the important people in your life, and on myself in making the world a better place to be and live.

Powerful Coaching Helps You Get The Results You Want Faster

Focus on what matters most to you

Powerful Coaching

Through deep powerful coaching conversations, we work together to get you Focused, Taking Action, and Getting Results that you want quicker in the areas of your life that matter most to you.

You benefit most from my passion in health stemming from 20 years of weight training and 10 years of competitive amateur bodybuilding experience.

With your health on track to where you want it to be, we then focus on deepening your relationships and, having more fun in your life.

Coaching Process

You can’t move forward towards what you want if you aren’t honest with yourself about where you are today.

As a natural starting point then, you get clear on where you are now in all areas of your life by filling in your own 5 minute Wheel of Life Exercise.

Next, we have a little fun and explore what you want your desired life Vision to be, incorporating all aspects of your life.

Invariably, in moving towards your life Vision, we may identify any limiting beliefs getting in your way of getting what you want, and at the same time, we may identify your empowering beliefs that will assist you in moving towards your desired life Vision going forward.

Once you are aware of both your limiting beliefs and your empowering beliefs and behaviors, we work together in making the necessary mind shifts and draw up an action plan to make your desired life Vision a reality.

And most importantly, you will benefit from having me as your greatest ally in working towards achieving what you truly want in the most important areas of your life.

Why You Should Consider Me For Your Coach

My uniqueness comes from all my personal and professional experiences that I bring to our mutually beneficial coaching relationship.

  • I developed my results focused, process driven mindset through my experience as a Chemical Engineer working with individuals and teams in manufacturing for 15 years
  • In addition, as an entrepreneur, I’ve developed extensive digital marketing experience by investing tens of thousands of dollars on Online Digital Marketing Training over the past 5 years, and by helping small business owners generate business leads incorporating powerful coaching and effective online marketing solutions that get their unique messaging across to potential clients

I bring all these personal and professional experiences to you in helping you go after what it is that you want.

Are we compatible to work with each other?

I’m not sure!!  The only way for both of us to find out is to have a deep powerful coaching conversation.

I work with people by referral and invitation only, so if you are reading this, you probably fall into one of those categories, :) !

Let’s talk.


Kind words from powerful clients

Jim Ribau - Testimonials - Giovanna Capozza

“Bag of magical tools!”

Giovanna Capozza
Transformation Success Coach

Jim Ribau - Testimonials - Jonni Shreve

“Thank you Jim for opening my eyes!”

Jonni Shreve
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Jim Ribau - Testimonials - Lisa Cleghorn

“Fear of public speaking!”

Lisa Cleghorn
Manager, Residential Mortgages

Powerful Coaching Options

Let’s get into a deep, high impact, life changing conversation

Co-Active Coaching

Working together to move you forward to what you want.

Jim Ribau - Co-Active Coaching

NLP Coaching

Working at the unconscious level to move you forward.

Jim Ribau - Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP Coaching

Health Coaching

Focusing on your health and energy first to move you forward.

Jim Ribau - Health Coaching

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Free Coaching Tools

Experience these free coaching tools now

Wheel of Life Exercise

Where are you now?

Take this 5-minute survey to measure your current level of satisfaction in 10 key areas of your life.

Jim Ribau - Free Coaching Tools - Wheel of Life Exercise

Future Self Visualization

Where do you want to be?

15 minute guided visualization to introduce you to a powerful resource, “you” in the future, your “Future Self”!

Jim Ribau - Free Coaching Tools - Future Self Visualization

How To Get What You Want

8 Steps for Success that have been put together for you as a result of 20 years of learning!

Jim Ribau - Free Coaching Tools - How To Get What You Want

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